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Teaching Edition of
A People's History of the U.S. by Howard Zinn
from the publisher

Why is Corporate America Bashing Our Public Schools
from the publisher
Lessons from Freedom Summer: Ordinary People Building Extraordinary Movements
from the publisher

"Corporate Control of Public School Goals: High-Stakes Testing in its Historical Perspective" in Spring 2007 issue (vol.34, #2) of Teacher Education Quarterly, pp. 25-44

Monthly Essays for Western Edition, a local SF neighborhood newspaper (2006-2010)

2013, “All Real Education is Political: History, Racism, and Progressive Pedagogy,” in Critical Consciousness in Curricular Research, edited by Lisa William-White, Dana Muccular, Gary Muccular, and Ayanna F. Brown (Peter Lang, New York)

2008, co-author with Dr. Suzy Thomas, “Collaboration Strategies to Enhance the Relationships between School Counselors and the School Community,” in Empowering the 21st Century School Counselor, edited by Jackie M. Allen, Ed.D., (Counselling Outfitters)

2007, co-author with Eric Mar, “Democratizing the Public School System” in Race, Poverty and the Environment (Urban Habitat, Oakland, Fall)

2007, “The Lessons of Freedom Summer” in Race, Poverty and the Environment (Urban Habitat, Oakland, Fall)

2006, Book Review of Legacy of a Freedom School by Sandra Adickes, Palgrave McMillan,  in Teachers College Record, Date Published: March 21, 2006.

2004, Book Review of Taking It Personally: Racism in the Classroom from Kindergarten to College by Ann Berlak and Sekani Moyenda, Temple University Press, in Educational Studies, Vol. 35, No. 3 (June)

  • PhD Dissertation

The Business Roundtable and Systemic Reform: How Corporate Engineered High-Stakes Testing Eliminated Community Participation in the Developing of Educational Goals and Policies

Power Point presentation of Dissertation

  • Speeches and Papers (unpublished)

The Parent/Teacher Conundrum: how corporate CEOs divide and conquer, keynote address presented on March 28, 2009 at the UTLA's Human Rights Committee's Annual Meeting.

Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees or the Importance of Good Theory, originally presented at California Council of Teacher Educators (March, 2007), rewritten for Depaul University mini-conference, Mary 17, 2007.

Education and Social Protest: What Mississippi Can Teach Us Today
Paper presented at Roosevelt Universtiy Freedom, Chicago, IL, June 2006

Origins and Purpose of No Child Left Behind workshop speech at SFSU faculty retreat at Asilomar, CA, Jan. 2005 (1500 words)

High Stakes Testing and the New Tracking System keynote speech at conference for guidance counsellors at San Diego State University, December 2004 (5000 words)

Lessons from Freedom Summer paper presented at Miami Universtiy Freedom Summer Reunion and Conference, September, 2004.

The Politics of Ebonics: The Intersection of Voice, Language, Culture and Identity PhD qualification paper, 2002

History of Alternative Schools in the United States PhD qualification paper, 2002

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